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"I just spent an exhilarating week in a Master Teachers class at the University at Buffalo. Richard Victor and Jennifer McDonel work so well together, it seemed like the week went by in a couple of days. Their communication and delivery of the material was superb. The instructors were able to feed off of each other in such a way that every class was fun, yet filled with information. I felt like I was being “entertained”, while getting more information than I thought was humanly possible within a week’s time. I would go out of my way to thank the instructors of this week long marathon of learning. Not only were they able to keep us engaged in learning, but they also shared personal experiences that made the class fun. I actually looked forward to getting up and going to this class. Their approach to adult education was filled with energy and excitement. It was very obvious the instructors were passionate about their opportunities to teach and have us learn. Thank you!"

- - - Donald Allen